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Monday, November 12, 2012

How to Train a Toilet Slave

Ladies, it isn't so difficult to gradually train your man to serve as your toilet slave:

1. One night, let him out of his cage and have him sleep in bed with you. Tell him to rim you. Make sure your ass is clean and odor-free the first time. If he balks, you could promise him a reward in exchange, like a blowjob or letting him in your back door. Continue to ask him to rim you regularly.

2. Gradually reduce the rewards.

3. Start to ask him to rim you when you are not clean, like just after you've had a bowel movement. Don't worry ladies, if your hot and you get him excited enough he will happily oblige anything for a taste of your milkshake.

Do this regularly, but still wipe like you'd normally do--don't yet actually ask him to clean your anus with his tongue yet. Patience is a virtue. Let him know that this is your dirty little secret. Tell him just how much this turns you on and gets you off. 

4. When he gets used to this routine, it is time to get him to start consuming actual waste. Call it "kaviar," "candy," or "dark chocolate," just avoid calling it what it is, it ruins the mood and the hypnotic spell.

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Another practical use for a slave's mouth.
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Start with piss, not shit. One night, tell him you need to pee and you don't feel like walking all the way to the bathroom. Or, if you are out at a bar getting wasted, drag him into a dark stairwell and tell him that you want to piss in his mouth! Your success will depend on just how into you he truly is. It also helps if he considers himself "kinky" or sexually "open-minded." Kinky guys love a sexy dare that pushes them past their limits.

A Sub's Limits vs. The Confused Male Psycho-Sexual Ego

Just watch Fear Factor or Jackass to see the crazy shit guys are willing to do to one another or swallow simply to entertain one another. 

If a guy can convince another guy to fart in his friends moutheat buffalo testicles or smear horse semen on a friend all on a dare, surely you'd think he would have no problem with letting a beautiful and dominant woman fart in his face? Surely he would find the idea of drinking a sexy woman's nectar tempting, at least once? Who knows, he might even find it arousing?

Most guys find the type of homo-erotic slap-stick you find on Jackass humorous. Why? Because they can relate. Several reality television shows have been created to exploit this fact. The fact is most young men have a proclivity towards homo-erotic humor and gags.

Interestingly, I often find that the same hetero-males who openly applaud homo-erotic shenanigans are indifferent to the same types of play when eroticized between a male-female scenario.
Any male who cannot consider the eroticism of having a sexy woman dominate him by farting in his mouth, pissing in his mouth, or using him as her toilet slave, while simultaneously finding such humor palatable is sexually confused or hiding something.

On the other hand, there are tons of guys out there who could conceive of the idea of allowing a beautiful woman dominate them as a human toilet, being used to consume pee and even her darkest gifts. This sublime fact is even reflected in pop culture where we find depictions of the male's  most taboo fantasies reflected back at him through media:

Why do advertisers and celebrities photograph the hottest celebs sitting on the toilet? Why do so many men secretly find these images arousing? Why are people attracted to horror? Why do we crave to ride the scariest roller coasters? The fact is, the emotions that these things invoke are at the extreme end of the spectrum of human emotion. What happens when bend the spectrum so that opposites...attract and become intertwined? What emotional effect to you have when you combine repulsion with lust? New vistas begin to emerge. This is merely the tip of the iceberg. Unfortunately no one can be told what it means to truly submit to a Woman's darkest whims, you must experience it for yourself.

Think about it.

The Femdom knows these things and has a deep understanding of how to conjure up ancient repressed emotions and transfigure them into the alchemical gold of a brand new sexual high. She fulfills this deeply seated desire, pushing you beyond the barriers of your preconditioned taboos and introducing you to the dark side of desire. This is why artists and advertisers employ this sublime esoteric imagery...to seduce you beyond your wildest dreams.

While most men will be either too shy or too ego-centric to submit to trying such extreme forms of sex-play, true submissives will usually be happy to oblige and participate if it sincerely pleases you.

Most guys will be too chicken-shit to try this and recoil in horror at the suggestion. Let them play jackass with their guy friends.

Getting Your Sub Down to Business

If you are at home its a good idea to have a plastic shower curtain liner handy. Put it down on the floor and tell him to lie on his back on it. Sit on his face, with your clit directly over his mouth, facing his feet, and pee in his mouth. Make sure you are sitting heavy with your full weight on his face so that no pee squirts out and makes a mess.

Do it in short squirts so that he can keep up with it and swallow and catch his breath. Give him a slow hand job while you pee so that he associates your pissing in his mouth with pleasure (Can you say "Pavlov?"). Fucking his brains out and dominating him sexually immediately following this routine will also work wonders in conditioning him to associate being your toilet with arousal. If he has a foot fetish, reward him by allowing him to suck on your toes afterwards. Remember, the idea is to associate in his mind being your toilet with something he feels passionate about.

Try to time stroking his cock so that he climaxes just after you finish peeing. If he has a weak stomach he might puke up afterward or dribble some, but that's what the plastic is for. Be sure to give his face a nice slap on the cheek if he does spill a single drop. Let him know that  you are disappointed and that you take this act seriously as a deep symbol of his passion and devotion to you. You will feel a rush of power to your head the next time as you will noticeably feel him trying hard not to spill a single drop.

He still needs to learn to hold his breath for long periods of time, but that will come later.

5. Gradually increase it to two times a night--drink plenty of water before bed so that you will need to pee a few times during the night.

6. Eventually, you will decide that he will be your toilet every time you need to pee during the night. If you have seduced him thoroughly he will begin to associate this routine with the same emotions he feels when he experiences arousal and orgasm. He will be anxiously anticipating the next time you have to use him as your personal toilet.

7. At this point, gradually increase the duration that you make him hold his breath. Use an egg timer or something similar--but don't let him see you doing this.

At first, you want to make him hold his breath for no more than about 10 seconds at a time. Every day or two, increase his time between breaths by about 5 seconds. Eventually, you'll want him to be able to hold his breath for 3 to 4 minutes--an eternity for someone not accustomed to holding his breath for very long. If you sit and make him hold his breath for 4 minutes the very first time, he'll likely pass out. Passing out from holding your breath can be dangerous, so it's something you want to avoid happening--although he probably will pass out every so often, even after he has learned to hold his breath for long periods of time.

8. When you get him to where he can hold his breath for about 1 minute while you pee, it is time to move to shit. You are continuing to have him rim you regularly after you shit, right? It is important that you cradle the back of his head in your palm as he does this, gently guiding his mouth to your satisfaction. This gently ensures him that you love what he is doing for you and that you are in control.

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9. Start by telling him to rim you after you've taken a dump without having wiped. Tell him to lick you clean. Do this a few times. It may be a good idea to have him follow you into the bathroom. Talk to him casually, and get him accustomed to fantasizing about watching you handle your business in the bathroom. Many men find the idea of watching a beautiful woman on the toilet intensely arousing. They may not understand it, they may not understand why they are turned on, but that is for you to know and for your sub to find out beneath your dominating ass cheeks.


10. After he has accepted cleaning your ass after you shit, it is time for him to become a full toilet. To shit, sit on his face facing away from his feet with your anus over his mouth, and let your bowels move into his open mouth. Your weight on his jaw will prevent him from being able to close his mouth.

11. Again, don't make him hold his breath longer than he has become able to. By this time, he should be able to hold his breath for about a minute, so you can excrete a couple of stools into his mouth before lifting up to let him take a breath and swallow.

12. From this moment on, he should become your full toilet at home every time you need to pee or shit. Continue increasing the time he holds his breath by a few seconds until he can hold his breath for about 4 minutes. Longer than 4 minutes is dangerous.

13. Be aware that many shopping malls and other public places have private "family" unisex restrooms. This provides opportunities to use your toilet slave, instead of some filthy public toilet seat, while you're out.

Other Kinky Alternatives

14. At this point, there is no reason why you can't dispose of other bodily gunk into his mouth too, like finger and toenail clippings, belly button lint, snot, etc. And don't forget to have him lick you clean regularly during your period.

Congratulations! Your slave has been fully toilet trained!

Recommended sites (image sources): MenAreSlaves, Femme Fatale Films, and BlackGirlsWhiteSlaves

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